Last Nights & Tomorrows

Album cover of 'Last Nights & Tomorrows'

Coincidence Theory’s debut album. The minimalist, lo-fi recordings of lyrical, melodic songs crisscross multiple genres — singer/songwriter, acoustic, folk, alt-country, rock, pop — and evoke longing, reflection, and hope.

The EP features five original tracks:

  1. By the Maples (3 a.m. version)
  2. And So… (acoustic version)
  3. ’Til I See You Again (solo acoustic version)
  4. Pacific-Bound (horizon version)
  5. Unexpected Bookmarker (unexpected version)

Self-released on Bewildered Tourist, June 2006.
All songs written, performed, and produced by Coincidence Theory; published by Bewildered Tourist (ASCAP).
Total running time: approximately 18 minutes.

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Notes From CT

The songs of Last Nights & Tomorrows were written and recorded at various points from late 2001 all the way to early 2006 — about four years and a half years. During this time, I played and arranged the music in a few different ways — these recordings for the EP are what I call my “minimalist arrangements.” For each track, I wanted to focus on the core of the song itself and try to convey an integrity without resorting to a lot of instrumentation or effects.

Thanks to everyone who kept asking me when I’d put out a record, all the people who helped along the way, and to you for your interest.