LN&T Downloadable from Amazon.com

Happy new year! One of the exciting CT-related events of 2008 was seeing Last Nights & Tomorrows finally up for sale at Amazon.com. All five songs from the album are now downloadable from Amazon’s MP3 store as 256kbps mp3 files, with no DRM.

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Thanks to everyone for your continued support of Coincidence Theory!

Thanks; More Places to Download; Danke Amazon Germany

First of all, thanks to everyone who bought Last Nights & Tomorrows in 2006 and 2007!

Within the last year, a few more distributors have picked up the album, and it’s now easier to buy than ever:

  • CD Baby — CD Baby still offers CDs as before, but now also provides the album as “very high quality, about 200kbps VBR” LAME-encoded, DRM-free mp3 downloads!
  • eMusic.com — Convenient for all you eMusic subscribers.
  • BuyMusic at Buy.com — Offers the songs in WMA format.
  • Music is Here — Offers your choice of MP3, WMA, MPC, OGG, M4A or FLAC downloads.
  • PayPlay.FM — Allows you to buy the tracks in MP3 or WMA format.
  • Amazon.de — Amazon Germany will now take orders for CDs.
  • iTunes Music Store — Of course, the album is still available from Apple as well!

EP Now Available from iTunes Music Store

Last Nights & Tomorrows is now on sale at the Apple iTMS (USA) (including really fast and free shipping! ;) ).

Download the album now from iTunes Music Store (USA).

LN&T Now Available from Tower Records

Last Nights & Tomorrows is now on sale at TowerRecords.com, which offers free U.S. shipping on orders $20+, so buy two or more copies of the EP to save. :) You can also stop by your local Tower Records and order the album from the in-store computer kiosk.

More updates as they happen…

Update – Aug. 7, 2006: You may have heard that Tower Records is in the middle of some severe financial problems, resulting in the cessation of new CD shipments from music distributors. The EP is among those that will no longer be supplied to Tower, but you can still buy Last Nights & Tomorrows from the good folks at CD Baby.