Help Support CT

Aside from buying the album (thank you!), there’s a bunch of ways to spread the word and show your support for Coincidence Theory and independent music. Any and all help is very much appreciated.

Recommend the album

  • Tap into your inner wordsmith: Write a review of the EP and post it at the album’s CD Baby page and/or at the iTunes Music Store page. To save time, you can write a single review, post it at iTunes, and then copy and paste it as a review at CD Baby.
  • Blog about the album and include a link to
  • Mention Coincidence Theory and Last Nights & Tomorrows to friends and co-workers who might enjoy the music. (It’s great to be enthusiastic about the music, but don’t go overboard by spamming folks…let’s keep it spam-free.)

Create and publish iMixes on iTunes

It’s free and really easy to publish an iMix (custom playlist) using iTunes. You can exhibit your inner DJ and share your recommendations with a gazillion iTunes users!

  • First, select one or two songs from Last Nights & Tomorrows that you want to include in your iMix. Go to the EP album on iTMS and drag and drop the songs into a new playlist.
  • Add more songs (singles) from different artists to build the rest of your iMix — ideally, around 10 to 20 songs total. (People looking at a published iMix will be able to buy all the songs in the playlist, just as if they were browsing an album, so 10 songs would be about $10, and 20 songs would be about $20.)
  • Click the arrow next to your playlist name to publish it on iTMS, and choose a name and a short description for your brand-new iMix.
  • Once your iMix is published, people can rank it — the higher its ranking, the higher it will show up in the list of mixes for an album or artist that you included in your playlist. Share your iMixes with friends — ask them to give rankings and make their own iMixes.


  • Choose similar or complementary music by bands and artists who aren’t megastars — otherwise, they’ll be in too many mixes already.
  • Feel free to make and publish different mixes. Arrange “set lists” or choose similar music or make thematic iMixes…you can be specific about the song sequence or simply put together an alphabetical list. It’s up to you. Be creative!

(Thanks to Cameron Mizell for the great ideas about iMixes.)

Buy music from other artists at CD Baby

CD Baby is a great independent music store and distributor in Portland, Oregon, that provides worldwide shipping. Support independent musicians by buying from CD Baby. CD Baby sales initiated from the links in this section will also help support Coincidence Theory and (one dollar for each CD in your entire order).

You can search CD Baby to find CDs. And here are some of CT’s favorite CD Baby artists/albums:

Request songs

We’ve sent CT’s music to a number of our favorite radio stations and will add to the list as time passes. If you listen to a station where CT’s music would fit in, or you work or volunteer at such a station, please contact us with the pertinent details (including the website address), and we can send out a copy for the station library.