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It’s been a few weeks already, but just a note to say that Coincidence Theory has a page up on c|net’s (which took over So far only the demo for "Farewell" is available there. URL:

CT’s yuletide songs currently posted on the Amazon and Soundclick pages will be unavailable soon, so if you haven’t downloaded them yet (and you’re interested in hearing some really quickly-recorded demos), you might want to grab them before they disappear. Reason for disappearance: CT intends to work on them a bit more: adding a few new parts and ironing out some performance quirks.

The EP is going well. Generally speaking, more songs have been written, but it remains to be seen whether they will show up on the EP or on the album (or both!). It’s safe to say that the EP’s songs (all acoustic, solo) will be a limited-edition preview of the album’s songs (acoustic and electric, with additional musicians, and featuring many of the same songs but with different arrangements). Projection date for the EP release is September 2004, but if things go well it could be available later this summer! And if things go really well, the full album could be out by the end of the year. Keep your fingers crossed.

(Update: EP release has been pushed to December 2004. Fingers are still crossed for that date…)